Our Story

First of all let me tell you about how we came up with this platform. Recep and I were thinking seriously about how important the social responsibility projects are and how the people under 18 are limited to associate with these type of works. We had to do something for this! Why not, right? However the idea sunk into oblivion since we had exams and other things to deal with. After few years we learned that one of our friends were thinking the same thing; we had to do something! That’s when we started our work. Later, since our friend had to postpone his project, Recep and I had the duty to carry on. We realized, there are not many youth platforms around and there is a lack of interest as well, so we decided to create one eventually. Without seperating and judging, we aimed to help indiscriminatingly. We wish to see you as a member in this platform. We will be working on social responsibility projects after the establishment phase. We expect to hear from you and see you around us.

                                                  İ. Vefa Arslan


I am Vefa, I was born in Izmir, 4.6.1999. But this event occured a little differently from  most cases. Maybe the incident that made me think about the establishment of such platform happened, I was born as a disabled person. But I can say that with the incredible help from my family, I came out as a pretty ‘normal’ human being. I am having a physiotherapy ever since I could remember to reduce the effects. I also had a surgery when I was 12. The idea of this platform became concrete during the 11th grade of my pupilage in Cagribey High School. I always had great friends. I tried to advance my English with my own efforts. And my aim for future is to study Psychology. But the thing that made me the person that I am is the event that happened during my birth. Maybe that’s why I am so passionate about this platform. Who knows?

                                            Recep Ömer Zorlu

Hi Folks,
I am Recep, I was born in Istanbul, 24.4.2000. I am originally from Konya. We decided to build this platform with Vefa. The idea was on our minds for a few years, but we decided to conclude the establishment this summer. I am a senior student in high school. I want to be a computer engineer in the future. Our sole purpose to create this platform was to help people, and make possible to help people for every willing person of all ages and places. Maybe we are about to succeed.

                                                  Esma Işıltan

                                                                           Social Media Director

I’m a 17 years old high school student born in Istanbul.
My personality has been shaped between the people who play three monkeys in every situation and my family who have told me and my siblings to not to that
There was no need to be genius to understand how easy it was to play three monkeys,
But the biggest contribution to the world and humanity was always come from those who wasn’t play three monkeys.
Some of the events that I have experienced over time caused me to think that neither I nor anyone would not be able to play three monkeys in the concept of being a human being.
Later I met Recep and Vefa who shared the same ideas with me.
They weren’t playing three monkeys too.
Maybe that’s why it didn’t last long to get close with them.
One day when they asked me whether I could be a part of their platform
I accepted it without hesitation.
I have no idea where this journey goes with the philosophy of doing nothing but being good.
But sometimes the important thing is not where it goes,but the journey itself.
I’m sure it will be enjoyable.